You’ve never experienced true magic, until you’ve flown in a Hot Air Balloon over the Serengeti National Park

The weather in the Serengeti is ideal for ballooning.

Nyssa Balloon Safaris Rides are usually placed in the early morning (when the weather is more stable and calm), and the usual distance we cross, depending on wind strength and direction, ranges from one to ten miles.

The height at which we fly will range from treetop level, where we will experience low-level contour flight, to several thousand feet, the perfect viewing point to experience the majesty of the Serengeti region.

Nyssa Balloon Safaris Special Occasions

You can turn your special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, marriage proposal or ceremony, into a truly unforgettable experience with a Balloon Flight over the beautiful landscape of  Serengeti.

Our Qualifications to operate Hot Air Balloon Rides in Tanzania

Our service, staff and qualifications tested by the authorities as well as by the travellers.

Nyssa Balloon Safaris – Nyssa Tourism Holdings Limited is a fully licensed operator and approved by the TCAA (Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority) and TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks) to operate Hot Air Balloon Rides in Tanzania.

International Operations

Some highlights from Nyssa Balloon Safaris